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Lydia Paek’s version of 눈, 코, 입 for Cover Project

Download the Album at : http://www.ceeroo.ch

This album pays tribute to 12 great artists whom I crossed paths and worked with.
It was time to round them up on the same record and revive old memories.


1. Jackson 5
2. Jim Morrison
3. Frank Sinatra
4. Jimi Hendrix
5. Ray Charles
6. Nina Simone
7. James Brown
8. Ella Fitzgerald
9. Notorious BIG
10. John Lennon
11. Otis Redding
12. Marvin Gaye

Listen to “Show Me The Way” Feat. Aloe Blacc, the brand new single from Dilated Peoples forthcoming album Directors of Photography.

“Show Me The Way” will be available via iTunes on July 22nd.

Produced by: Jake One

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The brand new album from Dilated Peoples, Directors of Photography is due out 8.12.14 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

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My favorite hip hop female choreographer, Sorah Fucking Yang


"Analog black vinyl spinning sounding so good
Top down, can’t be a classic if it’s no wood
If you don’t know what, then you new school
Floor model is the foundation for your YouTubes
Model flows off of Fat Boys and Juice Crews
Melli Mel’s, Ice-T’s, and the 2 Cools
Add a Moe Dee and a Double L
Had to walk cause it’s hard to run in those unbuckled shells
One microphone and a couple 12s
Six drum sounds and a couple bells
Is all you had to make a couple rails
And that’s a trap, and if you want it
You have to make it like that
Now what’s one turtle to a couple snails?
Takes a long time to happen so fast
And realize your future is somebody else’s past”

just press play

4,471 plays A Little Bit (feat. Lydia Paek) 크러쉬 (CRUSH) Crush on You


크러쉬 (CRUSH) - A Little Bit (feat. Lydia Paek)


med x blu x madlib // peroxide.


Though many may preconceive others by their looks, it is highly unrecommended to openly humiliate/bully them without knowing who they really are first. This video is an example that even an avid gamer such as I, along with college graduates with impeccable an above average vernacular, can rip the floor on any given day..

In conclusion, it all comes down to the cliche quote..

"Don’t judge a book by its cover."



This never gets old.

This is still by far the best Amnesia reaction. 


Jamie Lono - My My My

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