Sorah Yang - “Old English” by Yung Thug

Featuring: Bru Vidal, Ade Willis, Bam Martin, & Tristan Edpao



Today, we get “Back and More,” a new track from QuESt! The record was originally supposed to be the outro to Searching Sylvan. Hope you enjoy!


Vinh Nguyen - “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith

Featuring: Bam Martin, Pat Cruz, Brian Puspos, & Ian Eastwood


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Yeah, you really love her, but is she worth your future?

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due to boredom.. it’s been awhile..

I wish.. not to follow this damned utopia
However, I walk a path while hope has slashed my corneas
..yet managed to scope while shiftin’ in sleep
Meanin’ I’m a breathin’ cadaver mostly livin’ in dreams
Equipped with the feet of infinite pessimists
..skippin’ the lessons of movin’ an inch for progressiveness
In many instants, I’m tested; when ink’s like my melanin’
..dark & simply sick of this mess I’m in
I’ve spent 20 years in this desolate circular maze
..searchin’ for right angles to steer through & exit it
When I’m in fear of an exodus
When I’m lead by the chain taught as merely a necklace
My insight can spear through these hecklers
When health & purpose are what I’d rather peer at respectively
When compromisin’s really repetitive
In the rat race this system gears you with the sedatives

And here it came
So I speak through rhymin’ bout how nature makes such feeble timin’
..causin’ terror in society’s wake, but without fog
They’d be able to see the errors of their ways jealously or rage when true love misses it’s mark
Every wisp of dark fumes turned to a pistol’s bark
..can’t take flight cause it’s never learned on how to flex the feathers first
Steam converged in a kettle churned - regret is the atmosphere
We can’t get past the surface without gettin’ burned
..can’t see beyond where our eyes would let us
'but I'm just lookin' down, peerin' on relentless

..But as I sit here with a delicate legacy 
I realize what I detest is gettin’ ahead of me
I build nothin’ by just movin’ my lips
I have to do it while liftin’ & at times bruisin’ my limbs
I walk around as if my eyes are glued to it’s lid
In a world I KNOW.. yet act clueless as shit
It’s foolish, I’d sit.. consumin’ these minutes
Danglin’ off vanity’s fangs, consumed in my image
A conclusion to fixatin’, debatin’ my strife
And think maybe.. I can take a break for the night
But that’s like a steed, takin’ breaks for it’s knight
Levelin’ his neck to his foe’s blade, awaitin’ the strike
The truth is, Death never waits to decide
Which means I can’t afford to procrastinate when I rhyme
That shit isn’t a crime, are you crazy?
If you are, then you & I.. - WE THE SAME BREED!
I don’t contain a soul, I’ve lost my train of..
Do you see what I mean? I’m deeper than seas
Believe in it, please
Stop leavin’ me be, or I’ll just be me & leave
It’s my world..


Refill - Sorah Yang

The way she interprets the emotion of this song is completely mesmerizing.

Just a little throwback video , Victor Kim and Lydia Paek covering After Tonight !



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